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I have put this site together for one reason:

  1. To extend a hand for those (like you reading this now) on a path /journey looking for guidance.

While researching information for this site, I came across a lot of great sites and lots of good information. Too much in fact. So as part of my mission here, I will try to distill things down to their simplest forms as best I can.

I found this statement that just made so much sense to me:

Definitions are all made up. That should be obvious to everybody, yet some people imagine they have solved a problem when they've stuck a label on something or someone ("Understanding is the key."). Definitions are not statements of reality, they are tools of communication.

So with that said I bless this site as a tool of communication.  A place to understand your journey and to have new pathways open in front of you. The Shamanic teaching / guidance you will find here may seem far from what you might believe it to be but is it really, always what we think it should be?

To read more about what I believe in this area read the next page “What makes Me a Shaman? There you will learn more about me as a Priest, Sage, Teacher, Coach and yes what makes me the Dyslexic Shaman.

Take some time now and visit these pages I have prepared for you.

There is lots to see and do.

New things being added regularly click on the Events page

If you are wondering at all where the site name came from, YES . . . I am dyslexic. So as you spend time on this site and if you find a word or tow miss-spelt or a sentence that could have been worked better. Know that I personally wrote it. . . LOL

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******************** Disclaimer********************

Use of the following terms of reference on any pages within this site such as - Shaman, spiritual teacher, Dyslexic Shaman, spiritual guide, sage, priest - are just that, terms of reference.  I have been named these titles by others and only use them to help explain in simple terms of understanding. The term spiritual coach is a  better way as to how I see  my roll in this site more so then - Shaman, spiritual teacher,  spiritual guide, sage, priest.