Shamanic Healing

With Rebecca Singer  BTA

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This Shaman's story

I was in Costa Rica not to long ago and had a great opportunity to meet with and experience a gifted healer of our time.

While on retreat at Wellness Pura Vida Retreat and Spa in Costa Rica, Rebecca was one of many healers present for those at the retreat. 

After hearing her speak at our orientation, I knew I had to visit with her and take in her gifts as a healer.

Our session started as most, getting to know each other a little and then instructions as to what can and will happen over the next hour or so together. 

Once we started into our session I knew deep in my heart I was in the right place.

Rebecca spotted in me very early on  in our time together an issue I have been struggling with for a very long time in my own practices as a healer. 

In her beautiful gentle way, Rebecca helped me clear this issue once and for all. 

Wow.... is all I can say, I have come back to you all, a renewed shaman, healed of an affliction that was holding me back in my work.

I highly recommend that you visit her site and read what she has under "Your Experience" replace of course you will be in home in NE Calgary while she is here and not on a 75 acre horse ranch in the dessert.

Also read her section on "Is this right for you" and answer the questions honestly.  a yes to one or more... I recommend that you book an appointment ASAP
Call now 403-764-4278
to book your healing session with Rebecca Singer.

Click here for Rebecas site